Amex Credit Card Status : Check American Express Credit Card Status

If you are searchig for Amex credit card status then you’re at right place. Here you will get everything related to Amex credit card application status. This article will provide you a guide to check and track status of Amex credit card.

American Express Company, popularly known as Amex, is headquartered in New York City. Amex is an American multinational financial services corporation that provides various banking services to customers to satisfy their requirements and needs. American Express or Amex is providing a various range of credit cards. Amex is one of the best premium credit card providers in India.

If you want to apply for Amex credit card then you just need an online application process. Firstly you have to open official website of Amex or American Express then fill the online application form. The form should be filled with the details like address, income and bank details.

After that, the bank sends you a confirmation mail or message to submit some documents to prove identity and legal status. Amex bank takes 3-4 weeks to finish the process. While the approval or denial will be notified through e-mail or SMS.

In this article, we are providing you different ways to check your Amex credit card application status. If you are not aware or don’t know how to check or track credit card status then this guide will help you to track Amex credit card application status by various methods.

How To Check Amex Credit Card status Online –

Amex or American Express does not offer online tools to check Amex credit card application status but personal card FAQs will surely help you. Firstly, you need to visit Amex official website, click on customer service then American Express peronal card FAQs will appear. Here you can find your answers of many queries regarding Amex credit card.


Here is an another way to track your Amex or American Express credit card application status applied in India. You can write an e-mail to the bank with your application reference number and other contact details. If you’re lucky, then you will get an acknowledgement e-mail from this email id .

You can also get an email from other ID, but make sure that you had already mention ever single detail in your mail. The details will increase your chance of getting a reply.

How To Check Amex Credit Card Status Offline –

If you don’t have an access to internet or you are not familiar with internet then you can get help from toll-free numbers. Here we provide the credit card customer care numbers that will help you to track your credit card application status. If you have any query regarding credit card then call the American express toll-free numbers. These are some toll-free numbers for various credit cards.

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card 18002081223
American Express Platinum Credit Card 18001801030
American Express Gold Credit Card 18004192122
American Express Travel Platinum Credit Card 18004192122
American Express MakeMy Trip Credit Card 18004190691
American Express PAYBACK Credit Card 18004190726
American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card 18004190167
American Express Platinum Corporate Credit Card 18004191092

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